Month: May 2018

Reverberation Radio #315

I love the playlist podcast Reverberation Radio but I wish they would annotate the playlists a bit, at least including the year of the song and nationality of the artist. So I usually have to google everyone. Here is my annotated track list for their mostly Brazilian playlist #315. Much thanks to Mihir Kelkar for introducing me to this wonderful musical resource!

1. Wild Fire – The Dealer (1977, calypso group from Trinidad & Tobago)

2. Djavan – Nereci (born in 1949, successful Brazilian singer/songwriter)

3. White Shoes and the Couples Company – Selangkah Keseberang (feat. Fariz RM) (Indonesian Pop Group, formed in 2002, on Minty Fresh label)

4. Georgette – Kirie (1976, Georgete da Mocidade;track produced by Ed Lincoln, a pioneer of sambalanço)

5. Hélio Matheus – Mais Kriola (late Brazilian guitarist, singer and composer [1940-2017)

6. Juan Demonio – Es Cana (1975, AKA Jürgen Franke, German composer, arranger, guitarist and conductor, born 1929 who used many aliases)

7. Barış Manço – Aman Yavaş Aheste (1983, Turkish rock musician, singer, songwriter, composer, actor, television producer and show host, 1949-1999, one of the founders of the Anatolian rock genre)

8. Evinha – Esparar Pra Ver (2013, Brazilian vocalist, born 1951)

9. Zé Roberto – Lotus 72D (1973, Brazilian singer, not to be confused with the soccer player by the same name)

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